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Jeff Ogden

President, Marketing and Advertising

I'm Jeff Ogden, the award-winning marketing expert with a world-class network of top experts

Jeff Ogden's Bio:

Jeff Ogden is an award-winning, highly regarded marketing expert.  If your company sells to top marketing leaders, Jeff is your ideal CMO. Meet Jeff Ogden, your Chief Marketing Officer.

World-class networker, professional writer, speaker and interviewer - Jeff's a unique talent who can do it all. And he's an award-winning marketing expert - with a world class network too.

He's a professional writer with white papers like How to Find New Customers and blogs for, Marketo, Lattice Engines and Jeff Shore.  

He holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame.

Jeff Ogden's Experience:

  • Host of Marketing Made Simple TV "Television on the Internet" at MMS.TV

    I interview top business experts each week on the world's first TV on the Internet show, Marketing Made Simple TV. The goal of the show is to deliver great insights and ideas for business executives so they can improve their businesses.

  • Founder and President at Find New Customers

    Led by the award-winning marketing expert, Jeff Ogden, Find New Customers helps mid-sized companies improve fiscal results by setting up programs to deliver far more qualified sales opportunities. Find New Customers is also very knowledgeable in buyer personas and can interview your customers to gain insights. We've helped companies such as KeyedIn Solutions, Protegrity, Sliverpop, Marketo , Act-On Software and Comodo to improve marketing results.

  • VP, Sales and Marketing at Greenlight Marketing, Inc.

    Hired as VP of Sales/Marketing, worked closely with the leadership team in London. Worked diligently to convert Company from technology centric Sales 1.0 firm to a customer centric, marketing savvy firm. When I saw failure looming, I carefully wrote a management report on the dangers faced and recommended actions, but they chose not to implement these changes and, as I predicted, the US operation never took off so I moved on.

  • Vice President, Sales and Marketing at NSA Computer Exchange Corp.

    Challenge: Invited by CEO to return to firm I led for six years. Turn around stagnant company by realigning and re-energizing teams in response to changing market conditions. Action: Design and implement a best practice demand generation process while expanding the product portfolio to increase revenue growth. Winner of Top VAR for Infor -- six years in a row under my leadership. Financial and Operational Results • Tripled value of sales funnel in 6 months. • New partners doubled rate of revenue growth in 9 months. • Exceeded all revenue and profit targets. • Moved company from #6 to #1 on VAR ranking after one year

  • Sales and Marketing Consultant at Sky Solutions LLC

    Premier partner with Cognos and IBM. Hired for 90 Day lead development program. Grew pipeline by over 200% in 90 days.

  • Senior Account Executive at Brio Software

    Managed and sold to key accounts in NYC area, such as Citigroup, American Express, Goldman Sachs, NASDAQ and others.

  • Regional Sales Manager at OutlookSoft


  • Global Manager for GE at Business Objects

    Challenge: Joined bi sw vendor in sales – new to industry. Built funnel and won ALL – won Top Rookie award. But GE revenue stagnant and client dissatisfied. I requested and got responsibility. No global program, marketing, process or team. Action: Built/nurtured global team. Marketing helped craft tools. Devised and implemented global sales process. Led team that won and delivered “lighthouse deal” a mgt dashboard for CEO GE Capital. Financial/Operational Results • Delivered single year revenue increase of 284% (from $2.1 million to $6.8 million). • Won key showcase deal (Digital Cockpit forCEO of GE Capital) and a Six Sigma Quality Management System with GE Appliances – first sale of new analytics product. • Led most successful team in company – 100% of deals won. • Won “Top Rookie” award & qualified for President’s Club first year. • Wrote Strategic Accounts Action Plan, based on lessons learned from GE – a 90-day leadership plan.

  • Sales Manager at Agile Software

    Created the first vertical market for this startup company -- medical devices. Was given the CEO "Silver Bullet" award for top salesperson. Built out go to market approach and created a pipeline of prospects. Left with many others when stock crashed.

  • Account Manager at Optum Software

    Challenge: Joined this small software vendor in an industry I had never worked in – in a pure hunter role. Actions: Learned product, competition, space, thought leaders, value proposition and used my strong communications skills to fill my funnel with opportunities. Departed when the company was acquired, I did not like the direction they were taking the company, and my highly regarded manager resigned. Financial and Operational Results • Sold key accounts including largest transaction in company history, over $3MM at a very small discount (under 10%). Negotiated pricing, terms & conditions. • Held nationwide sales responsibility and consistently exceeded quota.

  • Sales Executive at Optum, Inc


  • Sales Manager at Unisys

    Sales and sales support roles. Consistently exceeded goals and worked closely with District Manager on acquisitions. In fact, this District Manager is now CEO of NASDAQ!

Jeff Ogden's Education:

  • University of Notre Dame


Jeff Ogden's Interests & Activities:

Marketing, Sports, Fitness

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